Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goldfish - pets or drinks

I know that goldfish aka carp are food as in sushi but recent reports of goldfish shots in a Hamiltron bar as part of O week seems bit odd.

Odder still are these two points (among a million others)
  1. the bar owner was quoted in the article as having seen goldfish shots in overseas bars. Hello stupid man, heellooo... swallowing live goldfish is hardly a new thing. It's a part of hazing rituals for eons, well at least as long as goldfish have been pets, not a new thing there bud.
  2. read the article and as silly as drunk students quaffing goldfish seems take note of the comments at the end of the article namely comment number 1, hence forth known as exhibit number 1. "The owner of this bar should die." pretty sure that kind of comment gets you goal time and is totally out of proportion. I blame those of the Nazi Pamela Anderson ilk. I don't like to hang labels on people but as a PETA spokesperson Pammy ought to take note of where her animal loving philosophy* comes from. I wonder if her publicist has checked that out for her.
  3. (I know I said 2) If you swallow a whole goldfish does it come out intact?

P.S. I may be a little grumpy today.

P.P.S Odder is an odd word.

* by this I mean the kind of leftist philosophy that involves forcing others to comply like the Nazis did. And just so you know Nazis are on the left of the political spectrum not the right. Nazis and Communists hate each other because they are basically the same, just different methods, although their methods of mass killing are very similar.

P.P.P.S. I am going to have a wee lie down now.

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