Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ah it's Saturday

Why am I blogging on a Saturday night?

Because I'm adore being at home
and this week has been a crazy busy week.

Because for me to do anything social or as a hobby,
I basically have to drive for at least 20 minutes each way.
I get quite protective of my time at home and
find if I am out more than one night a week I just can't keep up with everything.
For Mormons as much we keep the Sabbath it could never be described as a day off
and so for me, Saturday is it.
One whole day of doing everything you haven't done during the week
which for me is sleeping and reading.

I'm such a lush.

This week I had the DairyNZ Scholarship Dinner (C-lo spoke very well about AgriKidsNZ)
then the next night chaired the Leeston Envirotown meeting
then tomorrow night I'm having dinner with one of my favourite people
Ron Gall of Potatoes NZ.
I'm seeing the theme of my activities here
all agricultural-ish.

Next week i.e. first thing Monday I leave on a jet plane for the North Island
for seven days away doing ag things.

Good thing I love it.

Good thing I have hot chocolate candles and long baths
although invariably this is what happens as I get distracted while preparing.

I am a tired mess

but my bathroom smells divine.

I woke up this morning in the dark and thought
"why can't it be Saturday"
and was about to get out of bed when I realised it is!
Can't get any better than that.

I'm also at home because
Grand Designs
has started again and I freaken love that programme!
P.S. I don't know if I like Sean Connery as James Bond. I suspect this is generational but that Daniel Craig, now he does an angsty James Bond quite nicely. Though hat tip to old James Bond movies for having cool professional women characters, even if they wore bras that could take an eye out.

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