Sunday, October 31, 2010

not a long


But a busy, busy weekend.
The sun shone and I attended Ali von der bar's brother's wedding.
This is a very poor photo of the bridal party
Hannah's dress was qute detailed and she looked beautiful
I don't actually know Hannah or the groom Brendon
it's quite a long story how I ended up at their wedding
but it was a lovely wedding and fantastic wedding breakfast.
Lovely, lovely family speeches and a very happy evening.
The bride's family, as organisers had put a lot of work into being inclusive
and had great table names.
They were named after an important place in
either the bride's or the groom's family history.
Each little table name note had a wee bit of history written on it so we could all share in the family history and these were read out early in the evening by someone seated at the table and it brought everyone together and was really touching.
I am now very tired and
need to go to bed after waking up at 5.45am in a lovely soft bed,
man I was awake!

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