Thursday, November 4, 2010

it's 10.46pm

and I'm finally in my hotel room eating cold burger room service and watching/listening to the C4 music channel. I think it's Icehouse on a the moment singing "Crazy".

I have to say singers ought to be careful what they sing cause having lines like

"You gotta be crazy, baby to want a guy like me"

and have the spectacular mullet the Icehouse guy has
- I think his name is Ivor something -
you are going to get a pretty blunt and straight up
"Yes I am utterly insane and my strange and inexplicable attraction for you is an example of this." - that may be slightly long winded for a crazy woman answer.

Tuwanda may be more appropriate.

So today has been a busy, busy day.

I started in Wellington with a meeting with Beef&Lamb and MAF at 8.30am.
Not a big fan of meetings with no result but hey... actually there is no up side to that so ignore that hey.
I forgot my phone and had to drive back to Erica's place to pick it up.
The only reason I knew I'd forgotten it was that Erica's flatmate noticed the phone somewhere and kindly left it sititng on the front passenger wheel so I could grab it real quick.
She must have thought Erica mad to suggest putting it there but it did the job.

Then I drove like the clappers (that means I drove slightly over the speed limit) up and over the Rimutakas and raced all the way to Woodville

Woodville is famous for Yummy Mummys cheesecakes - they are freaken awesome.

But did I stop, nope.

I drove sedately through Woodville to
Rowdy's house, which for a farm is so close to town.
Sedately cause I was on the phone rehashing my morning meeting the Boss.
Yes on speaker phone!

Rowdy is the loveliest guy and is the East Coast Regional Chairman
He is great, totally laid back and just takes everything in his stride.
Then I took of like a bat out of Woodville to get to Havelock North
but not before making a tit of myself by trying to leave Rowdy's place via the wrong driveway.

I needed to be in Havelock North by 3.15pm to sign up 10 girls to the
Woodford Iona Young Farmers Club
Very polite young things.
A bit worried about the two that wanted to marry farmers as their career choice
I explained to them they would have to bring more to the table than a desire to marry a farmer
they would be smarter to get a degree in accounting and that would get them a farmer for a husband for sure.
I also asked them why they couldn't be the farmer.
After Woodford Iona club I meandered back south to Norsewood
What to say about Norsewood...
I feel like I should have an affinity with Norsewood because Mags's maternal family are Norwegians who would have stopped in Norsewood on their way further south
But sitting in my borrowed car answering emails
while I waited for the 20 or so Young Farmers to arrive
didn't really endear Norsewood to me for no other reason than
I distinctly felt like I might not make it out of town.
Maybe because the pub was full and loud
Maybe because in my minds eye that part of the country is like a Grimm's fairytale forest
Maybe because I was over tired and had driven lots of hundreds of miles
oh let's face it, Norsewood is off the main road cause it's a bit feral
keep that in perspective though cause I have been to some pretty feral places
since starting with Young Farmers
to be fair, I've just been to lots of feral places.
But then Rowdy and Spudly turned up and life became a little more secure.
Spudly is great too.
He is one of the three Vice Presidents of Young Farmers
and just the nicest, most genuine guy.
I think lots of the girls have crushes on him which is just the cutest thing cause he is so levelheaded that he is just fine with all that.
Spudly is a cunning wee operator though.
He gets things done, just quietly sorts people out.
Spudly is a man to watch, just as a tip for the future.
I am very blessed to have great people to work with and that I get to hang out with them too.
I am now going to be very gross and go to bed without brushing my teeth.
Please note: While the names look like they have been changed to protect the innocent, neither of them are innocent nor are their names overly secretive. Young Farmers will know who they are.

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  1. 1) Icehouse are an old favourite of mine.
    2) Woodford House and Iona have always been finishing schools for the landed gentry. Now they try to disguise this. They all want to be architects and fashion designers.....and then marry farmers.
    3) Agree totally with your Norsewood comments. Could add to them but that wouldn't be prudent of me :)