Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's been

a maudlin day.

What with the Pike River miners and the way life goes on when it should stop for a minute and let us reflect on what's important. If only time could stop and just hold still for a bit.
I'm in Dunedin tonight.
I spent my day interviewing for the forth day for the forth job we have on offer.
The people we have interviewed have been good, solid posiblities which makes it tough.
You kind of don't want options when interviewing
you want one stand out awesome person to be everything you need
and instead we have lots of good choices.
It's hard work interviewing people and keeping them straight in your head.
On recommendation from Louly as a former Otago student,
I wandered over to St Clair beach in South Dunedin and
had dinner at the Esplanade cafe over looking mad Dunedinites surfering at 8pm at night.
It looked cold and probably was even though the air temp was a decent 18.
Taking a walk along the esplanade,
a slow walk just watching kids in their wetsuits playing in the waves
and the the surfers catching the waves,
breathing the fresh sea air
and walking that strolly kind of walk you have to take when walking any where near the sea
relaxed me a heap and got to thinking about the simple things in life
and how some many things are good
even when you are tired and far from home
or sad and longing for your loved ones.
So I bought some new season strawberries
and took them back to my motel to savour
and watch dodgy, random movies on SkyTV
(some strange Renee Zellweger movie).
A good night far from home.

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