Thursday, December 2, 2010

collision of urban and rural

Am procrastinating about writing a sponsorship proposal by 'sorting out' old photos when I came across this shot of the inside of my car.

Yup kind of symbolises my life right now.
Lip gloss, earrings, rings and an elasticator, park
(or emasculator as Duncs calls it)
Please note the emasculator and rings are for sheep
I just googled 'elasticator' and
came up with a dominatrix discussion forum about castrating men
Quite a sensible discussion it was too.

P.S. I got my hair trimmed yesterday, I now feel bald. As a fan of very short hair on me, I can't believe I'm saying my hair is too short! (read: basically I can't believe I'm not celebrating this quirk of fate because I'm too lazy to be bothered doing hairstyles involving very hot hairstyling tools and just a little bit scared of them too). I also want to know why when it's been wonderfully hot weather, when I get my hair cut it gets overcast and cool/cold? Am very glad I didn't have a tan line where my hair used to be. Damn sunsmart indoctrination must have sunk in at some point. Damn it!

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