Sunday, December 5, 2010


read here a few times how lucky I feel that I have such great women friends in my life.
One of my newer friends is Nessie.
Nessie has a mind like a steel trap, she's smart, she's tough, she's tells it like it is,
my favourite kind of person
And she's from Otago
that's quite relevant cause until last weekend I hadn't encounted Otagans enmasse
they are a breed apart,
a good breed once you've cracked the code and I think I did.
But back to Nessie
Ok coming from the Waikato I know the ins and outs of dairying
but sheep are a whole new ball game for me.
I know I have the babies but two lambs do not a flock make.
What goes with large flocks of sheep?
working dogs
this is Ashley
one of 13 dogs that Nessie and Ben have

Aw cute doggie
ok yes cute, but these dogs work and work hard
they understand blunt commands, hard pats
and food.

So it did occur to me that working dogs spend their days sorting sheep out and then they eat sheep so their discipline is amazing cause their food smells like their charges
but you know what happens to dogs that worry sheep a little too much eh?
I got to Nessie and Ben's on Friday afternoon
in time to 'help' with preparing the dogs kai for a the week
I say 'help' cause Ben handed me half a sheep carcass and I almost dropped it
they are heavy as and their skinny ankles are slippery.
I did better the next day
when I helped Nessie as she chopped the halved carcasses into halves
quarter carcasses are much lighter
and I need to start lifting weights again
How townie is that?
Things are heavy so instead of just lifting heavy things I go lift weights
and you know I won't.
I was going to add a photo of the freezer filled with sheeps
but that was a bit too much for townie tummies.

If you think that would be a bit off putting, you might want to stop looking about now

Where there are sheep carcasses there are heads
and entrails otherwise politely or officially know as offal

Ness is not actually venting on ewes heads who failed to get knocked up
and were eating perfectly good pasture she is hacking open their heads to when the offal boil up finally gets going the brains cook too.

This is where the dog food comes from on farms
I'm having a wee moment of conflict here cause this is fairly obvious to farm folk but to townies like me there are lots and lots of on-farm things that happen that I just never thought about
but if I did it's obvious where the farm dog's food comes from in the most economical way.
It's not like there are a few thousand sheep close as can be,
much closer than a shop.

So fantastic Nessie,
who is probably reading this going what the hell is Sara on about this is normal!!!
Looks after the sheepies, keeps her doggies under control
provides lovely soft merino wool for jerseys, leads her corner of Young Farmers well,
is diligent and reliable, sensible and doesn't muck around
but most of all is a good friend.
Thanks Ness for a great weekend and I'm looking forward to visiting when there is less going on so we can sit on that porch of yours and really catch up.
See you Tuesday in Roxburgh!

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  1. I think this is why you were so confused on my birthday :)