Friday, December 10, 2010


all this travel is getting me thinking about my favourite places and people.

For me places and people are well linked.

For instance, there are lots of overseas places I'd like to visit but no-one I love is there so I trade off time with my loved people with adventure.

But lately I just keep finding places I just want to be in.

Tekapo on a kind of hot day

Excuse the nasty mini-golf course with it's fake rocks.
Don't you love the lumpins? they are just for Daya.

As Louly and I needed to go home via Waimate (where the wallabys live) we drove north from Roxburgh to Omarama and then east towards the sea along Lake Benmore.
I'd never been down highway 83 before so I was very pleased to breathe in the beauty of the hills and the blue of Lake Benmore.
Louly is quite handy for work road trips.
She is good at surprising me with amazing landscapes. She'll get even better when she starts as the Lower South Island Young Farmers field officer and needs to travel far and wide to visit clubs and members.
I'll miss her though.

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