Saturday, December 11, 2010

a normal

Saturday at last.

I mean that as in this is the first Saturday I've had at home for ages.

And normal it was.

It was blissfully hot, I walked into town
town being a few shops and the bank
a walk being less than a kilometre
worked up a glow
spent money and all I came back with was four Christmas cards.

Speaking of Christmas cards
this is the photo Louly and I created for the NZYF Christmas card

I love small towns.

When we didn't have enough boots, I ducked into ATS to borrow a couple of pairs for 10 minutes, then Louly went across to Hammer Hardware to borrow the tinsel. Gotta love shopkeepers who let you borrow their merchandise instead of buy it.

I know we are late with getting our Christmas cards ready but with the last month I've had it's a miracle I remember that it's Christmas at all.

But back to my normal Saturday.

I repotted all my tomatoes and cucumbers, there was even a tiny cucumber starting on one plant. I drove into big town to get lamb pallets just to fatten Clary and Penelope Darling up that little bit more and just as I got back into the car Sarah txted to offer a spot of lamb slaughtering for the afternoon. I declined cause I'd just bought the food - once that's finished though.....

Now I have a pantry full of baking ingredients and I'm going to get off this couch and make cookies - not Christmas ones just my usual Pooh's chocolate chip ones.

Yesterday at work we received a book about Marshmallow Farms, I love it!

Did you know that marshmallows grow on farms? It is marshmallow season at the moment and they will be ripening in the sun, turning from green to white and then the tractors will come and take them away to the marshmallow factory so we can have yummy, powdery marshmallows for Christmas.

Louly's boyfriend, Greasy he is a marshmallow contractor.

Go have a look at the marshmallow farms website and buy the book for your favourite kid!

One odd thing of late is the number of mice we are catching and by that I mean in a trap. Four to date and it's not their usual time for coming inside. Wonder whats up with that??

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  1. I love the boots in your Christmas card photo. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    I love your blog design - gorgeous.