Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas everybody!

I'm sitting here watching the telly with Ali von der Bar and we are playing Bags Hot Guy!

Actually we only played when we were watching Hamish and Andy
and Ali baggsed Andy already,
I was pretending that funny guys are so hot since I had Hamish
but I digress.

Tragically Ali and I are pretty much waiting for the end of 7 Days
so we can go to bed and wait for Santa.
We have our own beds in separate rooms.
I have a decent sized house
besides it's still light.

Mags has just suggested that we open the presents
No! No! No!
No presents until Santa brings them - of course.

In the meantime
have you noticed the guy doing the TV3 weather looks like
he has been photoshopped to look like a witch?

We are currently enjoying Wilson Dixon's singing,
a quietly brilliant country artist
who reminds me of Panda
who is somewhat less famous and possibly not as musically inclined
but their mannerism are similar and possibly their life story.
This has nothing to do with Christmas or anything other than it's Christmas eve.

I tried something very adventurous
I failed somewhat but that's ok
because its the thought that counts.

I tried sewing
It was only sewing in straight lines
I think that's called hemming.
I wish the present was better
I mean it's better than nothing
But I'm sure the recipient (it's Ali) will love it.

I also went to a funeral today for Lois
who died on Tuesday aged 49.
Lois was such a sweet soul.
Bye Lois - I'll say more later on.

Merry Christmas!
May you get lots of homemade gifts made with lots of thought.
That's to you
not to Lois cause she is too busy with her orientation in Heaven right now.

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