Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top Gun

and Christmas are not natural partners but for some reason this Christmas night it kinda of makes sense.

Top Gun is still a cool movie
even though Tom Cruise has blotted his copy book
Tom was cool then
(as was America)
fresh out of great movies like "Outsiders" and "Taps"
the '80s were the bestest time for movies.

Such depth, such angst, such meaning, such absolutely right and wrong, such clear cut villains, such corny lines, such manly men (except for Ducky in Pretty in Pink who grew up to be in Two and Half Men still not being manly and Anthony Michael Hall)

None of the that modern happy ending stuff
people die, they lose, they are lost, they are different and odd, they are invisible, they dress weird, they dance really dorky, they suffer and come through
in '80s movies!

And the soundtracks!

You can't beat Kenny Logins full stop 
 "Playing with the boys" is such an icon of a song
though why you would play beach volley ball in jeans?
high waisted at that
I'll never know mostly cause I never play games where balls fly at my head
or have balls involved at all.
I am somewhat limited in my sporting opportunities.

All time best '80s movies ever is Footloose.
Man I love that film

Ni and I have a tradition
or a bad habit
of cruising with the stereo blasting Footloose.
Good times.
Miss those days Ni,
we need to do that again.

P.S. I remember being about aged 12 and watching Top Gun on video and being totally grossed out by the silhouetted love scene with Mav and Charlie kissing each other and way too much tongue action for my 12 year old comfort zone.

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