Sunday, December 26, 2010


that's enough earthquakes thanks.

27 earthquakes today and boy did I feel a fair few of them.

I think I become desensitised to them and then a decent 4.9 hits and
whoa mama you notice every one after that.

Today's doozee hit while I was at church
during the sacrament programme.
Today's theme was repentance and
I have to tell you it was a pretty serious few talks.
Interesting and a good opportunity for some self-reflection
an earthquake hits.
Boy is it a scary thing in a cavernous, brick chapel
with large hanging lights that were swaying like King Kong was using them as his monkey gym.

Nothing quite like the quiet panic of a large group of people
who are clutching on to their pews
thinking, "next one I'm out of here"

The 4.9 one was long too.
I do not like long earthquakes... at all.

Our Bishop had just got up to give his talk and
had just started to talk about the ups and downs of the year
including him saying about how the earthquakes were freaking him out and
wallop, bang we get nailed. 

He went on to say that there is something in all these earthquakes
and considering we have had all manner of natural disasters this last two weeks
I think he is right.

So what is repentance and why should we repent?
OK you know when you have done something wrong,
the kind of wrong that is personal and really only you know about. 
That feeling that kind of sits uncomfortably with you for what ever reason.

Well when we feel that way we need to confess our sins (a catchall word for the need to repent - not necessarily sin sin but what ever the reason is you are feeling heavy hearted or unworthy) and
we need to do that to someone in authority.
So that may be your Bishop or minister, it may be directly to the big guy Heavenly Father
and his boy Jesus Christ, in prayer. 
Or in this PC age, your higher power
(though I suspect that this is really God.)

The reason we confess our sin is because we need to voice it and
by doing so acknowledge our part in committing our sin - after all, like all things in our lives,
we choose to be in that position and choose to take that action.
When we don't confess, the sin stays in us and is a bit like a gateway drug. 
It can snowball into bigger and worser things (worser is a word!).

I don't know about you but I like feeling better about myself.
I know that I screw up, I'm not perfect, far from it
but that's OK cause Jesus Christ died for us and in the process took on all of our sins,
whether you believe in Him or not,
so that we would have a way of returning to our Heavenly Father.

All you need is faith as small as a mustard seed, the willingness to humble yourself and repent, and be baptised in His name by the correct authority and you are off on a journey of betterment and hope.
As a gift I was given at my baptism says
"I never said it would be easy but it's worth it."
Which is good cause,
easy is not the word I'd use for this life with earthquakes.   

*Just wanted to Batman-ise this post.

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