Wednesday, December 8, 2010


as usual.

Had a great drive up with Louly all the way from Methven
up into the mountains of Central Otago to Roxburgh.

Where the heck is Roxburgh?

It's by Alexandra in the mountains where cherries and other stone fruit come from
although the cherries we bought were crap.

Why is it called Roxburgh but said Rocksborough.

Were it's Scots founders being stingy on the vowels when it came time to spell Roxburgh?
That's like the story of Mags birth certificate -
it was easier to spell Margaret than Margarita so that's what she got.

Louly and I were presenting our third of seven Clubs Insight training to the top tables of some of the Otago/Southland clubs.

The ones I meet were good guys doing their best to lead their clubs and doing pretty well.
Now when I wander the land talking to groups of Young Farmers
I actually know a few of them
which is nice cause that way I don't have to talk about farming,
not that I do cause although I know more than I realise it's still relative
and talking farming is an opinionated sportand who wants to make hideous gaffs about things like welding irrigators??

The fab Nessie
(I do have to say she has wonderful skin)
was there cause Roxburgh is only an hour from Becks.

After Louly and I wandered the streets of Roxburgh looking for a motel
and found one with fantastic double glazing but no eftpost
not that mattered cause they still took credit cards
with one of those old fashioned manual zipzap machines
(that makes them sound super fast and ultra modern)
we realised that we should have just gone and stayed with Ness in Becks
then I could have slept in that divine bed again
plus I could have worked on fixing a sweet bloke up a sweet girl I know but I didn't think that through as well as I could cause when I was making plans

I needed to be back in Leeston by 11.30am today.

That was completely mental cause it's a 6 hour and 20 minute drive
drive??? drive makes it sound like a pleasant wander through bucolic scenery
instead of a hell for leather race down the mountain sides to my home on the plains.

But once I found cellphone coverage I phoned and changed the time to 4pm
and they were late anyway!

They got lost, silly townie folk getting lost in the country.

So I find myself in bed at 8.30pm with a hotwater bottle and an extra blanket waiting for it to get dark enough to go to sleep
cause I'm a grown up and can go to bed when ever I want, damn it.

Remember what it was like when you were a kid and your mum would make you go to bed at 7.30pm and it was still light out and you could hear ALL the neighbourhood kids playing outside?

yeah well it's not like that in Leeston or Roxburgh cause there are no kids and lots of trucks, actually I don't know about Roxburgh cause the double glazing made a quiet town silent.


  1. There is a Roxburgh in Scotland so maybe this is where the settlers came from. We have no 'boroughs' in Scotland, our capital is Edinburgh.

    Oh I so remember getting told to come in whilst my friends stayed out. Funny that years later I remember my own children pleading to stay out longer too. LOL.

  2. So what you are saying Lusks is that Scots are frugal with their vowels no matter where they are? :-)

  3. LOL, We would pronounce it 'Burruh' and not 'Borrow', but yes the Scottish nation as a whole is thought of as frugal. All the best for the festive season from Scotland.