Tuesday, November 29, 2011


and on your feet
cause Agriventure is all about getting out on the farm
and experiencing a life like yours
with people like you
but completely different.

Last night I had dinner with
Jude, Lesley, Pauline, Mandy, Karen, Mark
and some other musketeers
who are the Agriventure board in New Zealand.

They are very, very generously giving
Young Farmers a $7,000 scholarship for an
Agriventure experience of the winners choice.

Agriventure has been going since 1965
by going I mean placing young people
in on farm jobs with families
who involve them in their own families
and they become family.

All the while the young people get to work
and be paid and learn a different farming system.
Agriventure organises their visas and travel,
when they arrive in one of the many countries you could choose
you are welcomed and introduced to your co-trainees,
delivered to your new home farm
and supported and encouraged,
toured and engaged,
challenged and involved.
All those good things for eight months,
then you go home,
add your experience to your CV
and keep in contact with all the wonderful friends you've made.

How easy is that?

Countries you can visit
Canada, USA, Sweden,
Japan, Germany, Denmark, Australia,
Norway, UK and here.

I know a few people who have started their travels with Agriventure
and they have had the most amazing experiences.

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