Sunday, November 27, 2011

a new reason

to hate Nor'westers,
it drives you crazy with it's dry
forceful wind.
Now it brings a fresh kind of hell
and that's the noisy neighbour kind.

We have had large children living next door
of the 18 - 20 year age group.
First we thought they were full of new freedom type youthful exuberance.
Now we know better.

The house next door should be demolished..
water, water every and not a drop to drink....
900 buildings being demolished not 45 minutes from here
and the one next door with it's pre-earthquake
uneven floors, mould, over grown garden, thing after thing is still there.
It must be unhealthy to live in
and has super cheap rent,
which is where the large children next door come in.

Turns out they are not just large children
but junior criminals.
We've heard rumours of many things they have done.
We've seen the regular visits from the cops.
We've seen who visits the house.
We've heard the screaming fights,
the drunken fights,
the dog fights
and we have heard today for the last 10 hours
the radio,
loud and clear as a bell.

Which may be worse than just hearing
the dull thud of the beat of another non-discript 'song'.

On Friday night the large children
were out on the street
fighting each other with sticks,
actually fighting.
Not haha! play fight.
Then some guy comes along in his car and
tries to run one of them over and
very near succeeds.
He may have been a really ticked off father.
Girls are drawn to that house like flies.
Every weekend, the good girls of Leeston
stroll past the house craning their necks to catch one of the bad boys eye
and be invited in.
Stupid little girlies.

As the car screamed towards the ring leader
one of the other little beggars phoned the police!
And their nasty, ill trained, sheep worrying dog ran away
unfortunately the spoon was on the phoned with the cops
so couldn't run away too.

Oh well not too long before we can call noise control.
My luck I'll be in a fitful sleep by then
and wake up at 3am wide awake
and the neighbour's radio will still be playing
with the noise being pushed our way by the Nor'wester.

I don't live in the country to have noisy neighbours!
So much more I could say about the noisy little sods
but that would be gossip
and there's already enough of that flying around here.

P.S. National won the election, which is, y'know good.  Nicky (National) is tied with the Labour candidate, exactly the same number of votes with 3000 odd special votes to be counted.  Rahui, the sweetest, hard working MP for Te Tai Tonga Maori seat lost to some nob with a famous last name - very unhappy face.  ACT got back in.... if you can call John Banks ACT, but no other seats so it the John Banks ACTs like a liberal for the next few months, then he'll go back to his conservative roots.  Ah the politics of a couple of small islands in the Southern Pacific ocean.

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