Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am absolutely exhausted,

well clearly not absolutely
otherwise I'd be asleep and not blogging right now.

Even though I have only been back
in the South Island for
one day 
I will be leaving again at 12.35pm.
And as usual I haven't started packing.
I have ten minutes to blog
and two hours to pack and answer work emails
and solve last minute problems.

I'm off to Auckland for a work weekend
but a kind of cruisey for me work weekend.
Firstly cruisey cause Nessie will be there
and she can be the bad cop.
Secondly cause Duncy Monkey will be there
and he can be my sanity life raft.
Thirdly cause Spudnik will be there
and he and I will make sure the desired outcomes are in place.
Fourthly because I plan on coming home with a big list of to dos
and a big list of dones.

I am a tragic soul when I get excited about having a big to do list!
But it will be a list of get things sorted, finalised and put away.

Yes! It's National Committee meeting weekend.
That magical weekend that happens only twice a year
when all the good and not so good boys and girls
who make up the Young Farmers leadership
get together to plan and resolve things for the organisation.

I'm not sure they realise that they are the actual deciders
of where and how things happen in our organisation,
but they will after this weekend.

Ohh there will be some good arguments and
a few tantrums I'm sure.
This Nat Com is at the beach in sub-tropical North Auckland.
Tomorrow we are touring a steel and wire making factory,
an abattoir killing line and will end the day at Fonterra head offices.
High heels and dead animals only go together on fashion runways really
but we'll see if I can work it tomorrow.
Photos, I promise.

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