Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rural Business Network

Oh my gosh!

Last night we held the pilot meeting for
the Rural Business Network
for the Manawatu/Rangitiki area.

I had 29 confirmed and 60 turned up.
I only catered for 40!
But there seemed to be plenty of food
so I guess my menu choices may not have been popular.
My focus was finger food you pop in your mouth in one go.

We had Greig Shearer from C-Dax speak
and he is amazing.
Really interesting opinions on
information on farms, who should or could control that
and the impact of letting your information wander off
to be controlled by someone else
like google or a supermarket chain.

"Greig joins C-DAX with 30 years experience in the agricultural sector, primarily within the dairy industry on both sides of the Tasman, most recently leading the development and sale of Kapiti Fine Foods to Fonterra. Prior to joining Kapiti Fine Foods, Greig worked for Bonlac Foods and Bonland Dairies in Melbourne leading the international division prior to his departure"

His greatest success?
To get Kapiti cheeses on Air France.
Selling kiwi Camembert to the French,
that's what we like.

Did I tell you 60 people came last night?
I can't decided if I'm thrilled or shocked.
They were 60 really engaged, hungry people.
I think the RBN will be like the rain on parched soil,
very much needed and absorbed into the fabric of farmer's lives rather rapidly.

Thrilled cause if this is how the RBN will continue then we are on to a winner.
Shocked because the need for farmer, agri-sector network
is so needed.
I hadn't realised how much it was.

Thanks to Gazza and William for being the connectors for this event.
Next meeting 31 Jan 2012.

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