Saturday, December 10, 2011

A 4WD Christmas Party part 2

So what did we actually get up to?

First we had to find our vehicles 
which were hidden around Methven.
This was quite annoying and not supa easy.
So we were last out of town.

Well almost last cause
Emily was the chase 4WD trucky thing person
She is a very responsible person so was always the last vehicle.
She knows about 4WDriving
which explains her responsible-ness.
In fact at one point we found her driving
in small circles over, down and around
a particularly lumpy, large bank of a stream and through the bed.

For safety we had RTs and Emily had the daddy RT.

Lucky is explaining why ours didn't work.
Seriously ours didn't work.
Everyone could hear us but we couldn't hear them.
So the Boss went to town blathering on the RT
about all kinds of things.
It was part of our cunning plan to drive everyone nuts.
It worked.

We planked, ok Jase planked...
not so annoying.

We raced through streams,
Im holding the handcuffs out the window here.
(see yesterday's post for an explanation about that)

We weren't allowed to deviate from the farm track
to head off into the river bed so we had to make do
with large puddles and streams.

We,  and by that I mean the Boss
 climbed the tree with the handcuffs

It wasn't a high tree
but it was a dead tree
and a prickly tree so it was his job to get up there.

Then we found ourselves far ahead of the others
which may have had something to do with
this little act of sabotage.

This passes as a bridge on farms.
Least it did until we took one side way
then it was a brid.

Once we got into a larger paddock with some cattle
we stopped cause there was no-one following us.
Yes of course we had a conversation about who we would
eat first if we were stranded.

Louly went to charm the cattle
that were hanging out in the same paddock as we.

Actually this was one of our water photos.
I'm sure she has handcuffs somewhere.

Then we made a NZYF logo with stream algae.

We were there for a long time.

We got a little bored.
Once Jase had planked on the cliff,
Louly had run through the stream with the cattle,
Greasy had climbed high up on the gorse covered hill
(only to figure out later that 20 metres further on
there was no gorse, only grass).

Anyway we were bored so we did this...
we drove the ute up the hill
or tried to anyway.

One of the handy things of being with the Boss
is that you can thrash your ute,
or in this case Louly's ute.

Then cause we were still bored
we used our handcuffs to lock the gate.
But Nessie was in the first ute up
and she knows that gates have hinges that are seldomly secured.

So they lifted the gate off it's hinges and got through.
Then let everyone else through.
And then left our handcuffs there so we went back to get them.

For a minute we thought they had hot wired
the cuffs on the fence.
But they are nicer than us and they hadn't.

Our purpose turned out to be to really annoy the other teams,
 but we had the best time laughing all the way.

Next year I reckon we should horse trek the same path.
May have to take a tent.

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