Friday, December 9, 2011

A 4WD Christmas Party part one

Work Christmas Party usually equals a so so night.

Not at Young Farmers!

When this is how the organiser dresses normally,
you know the plan will be a little bit crazy
and a lot fun.

One of the exciting highlights of the staff meeting
was each of us doing a 5 minute my life profile.
Rosie loved her travels and
shared some of the hairier scrapes
and shed her clothes as she went.
Hysterically funny it was.

But back to what Rosie,
as CEO of the NZYF Social Club

Just a wee 4WD drive through the
Canterbury back country,
through Glenfalloch and Lake Heron Stations.

The weather was crap from Methven,
fine through Rakaia Gorge
and increasingly cold the higher we went,
freezing when we got to Lake Heron for the BBQ.
As Tinky is demonstrating here.

My team was the Boss,
Louly worm and her bloke Greasy
and our illustrious Board member Jase.
But in the opposite order below.

We laughed our butts off the whole way.
I will expand on our adventures once I explain
that competitive is an understatement
when we talk about the Boss.
We, sometimes lost sight of the purpose of the journey.
Actually we weren't sure of what the purpose was
so we had to make our purpose up ourselves.
Our purpose was to thwart the other teams as much as we could.
And we could.

As we went we had tasks
and then to take photos as we did them.
We had an item to include in our photos.

Ours was handcuffs (with keys).

This is Jase planking on a cliff,
cuffs in hand.

And this is Jase after we made him plank
and plank and plank so we could get a great photo.

The item we chose to inflict on another team
was a overhead transparancy.

Try taking a photo of that!

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