Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wellington in the sun

When the weather is good in Wellington,

it's a wonderfully, beautiful place.
And today the weather was fantastic.

I got to Wellington in time
to do a phone interview with Richard 'eye gouger' Loe
on his radio programme right before the noon news.
Ideal timing.
It was three minutes with three decent soundbites
on the Rural Business Network.

I met Jolly and had a quick lunch.
She was quick cause she was half way through her
mail round at the council when I arrived.

(the square outside the Council buildings,
Jolly and I did not have lunch here)
And I needed a quick lunch because
I was meeting Heather Roy at 3pm.
Heather is an unemployed former Member of Parliament.
She's been out of a job since Saturday
and she did retire so it's not like she lost the election.
It was good to catch up with Heather
as a normal person.
MPs are not normal people.
They are hyper busy, into everything,
kind of celebrities who phones go off all the time
and have randoms interrupting conversations.
Heather and I met at Foxglove
which was the perfect place on such a fiercely sunny day.

After a luxury afternoon
I jumped into the rental car
and headed to Palmerston North
to have a dinner meeting with the boys of the
Rural Business Network.

The drive took longer than I thought it would
but I made it to the Cooperage in time.
Parked brilliantly, leaving a safety margin of a metre
between me and the curb.

In the middle of the RBN strat meeting
I needed to sneak off for a Stake Public Affairs skype meeting.
Ah tu meke pretty much.

Well back to Wellington for a five hour
meeting about a NZQA review of all the ag qualifications in the market.
Hmmmmm I wanna go home!

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