Friday, December 2, 2011

Right, correct and good

I woke up early this morning,

probably because I'm in a strange hotel bed,
I mean it's mine not some random's I've imposed upon.
To add to the alertness,
I slept with the curtains open.

The view of Palmerston North is much better today,
a sunny and hot day by the looks of it,
better than the last time I was here.
Foggy, grey, wet day it was.

I woke up thinking about extremes.
Have you noticed that?
So many things are right or wrong,
good or bad,
this path or that path.
That kind of thing.

I try to avoid using the word 'right'
even when confirming things in conversations,
mainly phone ones cause
you sound like a knob, or a cop otherwise.
To say 'right', to me indicates a judgement,
as does 'good'.

But more to the point,
cause I'm so consistent at sticking to my point.
To the point, it's the extremes and
the absolutes that are the painful part.

There are no absolutes.
There are always lots of options.
There are never only two polar opposite options.

The problem with this extreme world
is there is no room for fun or humour.
Humour is in the grey area.
Fun is in the grey area.
Black and white are not fun.
Things become so serious so quicky.
Where's the joy?

Rejecting absolutes doesn't prevent anyone from being
decisive or having a strong opinion.
What it does mean is that you will be flexible
want to discuss and explore ideas and options.
You'll be willing to collaborate and cooperate.
And your use of language will expand and
your brain will appreciate the exercise.

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