Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Thats what kind of dodgy smallish towns are called in NZ,

First part of the name then vegas
as in
Rotovegas or Ashvegas.

I got spend the morning in Ashvegas (burton)
as I needed a new windscreen
and have done for a few weeks
but you know windscreens are one of those things
that take time to get replaced.

I knew I'd need to spend a couple of hours
waiting for the screen to get replaced
so took my laptop and books
and my birthday chemist voucher from my dad.

It was grey as can be on the way south
then by 9.30am, sunny and hot.
I've decided those TV weather people are not to be trusted.

I walked to a cafe called Lunch
but the building had been demolished as result of an earthquake
and there was only a very tidy, empty lot
and no Lunch.

So walked further to Columbus Coffee
which is my favourite cafe in Ashvegas.
I spent an hour reading  and writing work stuff
then wandered back to the windscreen place
via Farmers department store.

This is a big deal cause I am not a shopper at all.
In fact I actively avoid shops because
I hate it that some people see shopping as hobby
and a family hobby at that.

I grabbed a few things to try on.
  I ended up buying four casual summer tops
and walking out of the shop with my t-shirt on inside out,
all the way down the street,
into the windscreen shop,
half way back to the office
until I stopped at a dairy to get an ice cream.

Ahhh I am a nod.

LATER:  But not as much of a nod as Tinky who has worn her shirt inside out 3/4 of the day.  Thanks to Rozzy she was saved from figuring it out at the end of the day and feeling like a total nod rather than just a 3/4 nod.  Silliness is viral in the Young Farmers office.