Friday, January 13, 2012

issssues and dramas

The week before Christmas,
I got the call I wanted to have.
Fletchers who are the contractors to the
Earthquake Commission (EQC)
called to say they would be at our house on the 16th January
to fix all the earthquake damage.

Shaka brah!
Chur bro!

My house will be all better before the winter.
I do feel slightly guilty that we are getting our marginally damaged house
fixed ahead of people whose houses are worse
but our subbies are based in the different town.

Anyway last Wednesday,
three working days before the subbies arrive
they phoned to say it would be better if we weren't in the house.

I'm sorry, what now?
Where do you go for two weeks when you have to
continue your normal life?
I live in the country.
Our options are not expansive.
Oh that's right....
there is no accommodation for rent, lease or
borrowing in Leeston.
Only people we know well enough to stay at your house
are allowed to visit Leestonians.

I have a big Fireside Church meeting on Tuesday,
very important people are coming to tell us our Ward boundaries are changing.
Peter is flying to Hamilton on Wednesday morning.
I have meetings in Christchurch all day Wednesday.
I have a mean meeting with the bank on Wednesday afternoon in Leeston.


Luckily our insurance pays for accommodation
so Mags and I will decamp to Methven.
Mags goes on Tuesday.
Me on Wednesday after all the meetings.
We'll be away for two weeks.
I wonder if the builders will feed the cats?

I am a little bit excited cause I cause I get to walk to work.
I get 40 extra minutes each day that I won't be driving.
I get to be near work.
I get to hang out with my lovely workmates.

I am little bit concerned at leaving strangers in my house.
I am not looking forward moving most of the furniture
out of the house tomorrow.
Or moving it all back in either.

I am looking forward fresh paint,
new ceilings and
a house that doesn't shake at the slightest breeze
because the piles are shonky and
I swear all the nails are wiggling loose.
I keep expecting the walls to collectively fall outwards.

I hope, hope, hope that everything goes to plan.

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