Sunday, January 15, 2012

I know

that my  2012 resolution is to not talk about earthquakes,

but the darn things just keep happening.

Some hideously early hour this morning
there was a jolty something, a 5 I think,
that woke me and half the region up.

Then in Sacrament this morning there was
one that felt like the earth gave it's self a shake.
A little bit like when a dog shakes water of it's back.

Then we are packing, packing, packing up the house
to make room for the repair subbies.
They arrive tomorrow morning.
In the morning.
It feels early and tiring just to write that.
All I seem to do is see things that need repairs.
Floors that are sloped,
doors don't hang properly,
windows have gaps around them.

Makes me tired thinking about it.

Meanwhile Jess is off to Melbourne as soon as
her new job is confirmed.
Pippapotamus and LoD are in Melbourne.
Everyone seems to be in Melbourne.
Instead I'm off to Methven.
At least it starts with a 'M'.

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