Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years daze

Do you think we can only be grateful for the things we have when we compare ourselves to others, whom we perceive as being in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves?

I'm just pondering on this as a sleepy
summers New Years Day rolls past me.
This and resolutions.
Shall I?
Shan't I?

Isn't perception fantastic?
You can be so wrong with perception.
I've been running a fighting battle with perception
all my life.

So I'm not one to make resolutions because
generally I know where I'm going and
how I'm getting there.

I have plans not resolutions.

So I was thinking it would behoove me
to have a something uplifting to work on.
And I got thinking about being grateful.

I could start a gratitude journal.
I know one friend who when suffering from
Post-Natal Depression who kept a gratitude journal
that made a world of difference
to her experience.

But that would take discipline
which is not my strong suit.

Just before I reread the First Presidency message from the
December 2011 Ensign.
President Eyring teaches about choosing to be grateful
(who doesn't love his insightful, thoughtful lessons??).
In it he talked about being called to give a blessing to a wee preemie baby
bearly holding on to life with lots of problems.
He came away counting his own blessings of healthy and happy children.

I firmly believe that my lot is better than most's.
Not because it necessarily is but
because it helps me live my life out there in the world and
with some adventure and joy.
I have no idea if my lot is better or worse then others.
I don't particularly care to check,
other than to admire the strength, endurance, bravery etc of others,
but I don't need to know their whole story or indeed any of their story
to admire them.

I try to look forward,
check the ramifications (awesome word) of my actions,
and accept that I'll sometimes fail and other times succeed
but most of the time I fall in between and do well enough.

Is it comparing or reflecting that is required to appreciate how good life is?

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