Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

in the summertime.

New Year's Eve is here
and being in the middle of a holiday,
which has mostly entailed getting over
Mem's visit in the week before Christmas,
I can't say I am remotely inclined to treat it
any different to any other Saturday night.

So let me tell you a bit about my family.
Say for instance you say to them,
"Let's go to the river have a dinner picnic!"
they will start telling you why that's not a good idea
or if they are feeling non-verbal they kinda mope until you just think "stuff it".
If you say something like
"There's not much on TV tonight why don't we get a DVD?"
they will say oh I've seen everything or
there's never anything good DVDs at the video shop
(that's a fair call cause since it's changed ownership
there are hardly anything you'd want to watch).

And so it goes.

The thing that makes me laugh
is when there are complaints about
how they don't get to do stuff much.
You think?

Enjoy your New Year's Eve
I'm off to get a DVD and make macaroni and cheese please.

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