Tuesday, February 14, 2012

few daze

I'm off tomorrow to Wellington.

I know nothing usual about that.

This time it's a for Rural Women leadership course.
I'm quite looking forward to it.
Which reminds me, I need to cancel the airport pick up.

What I'm also looking forward to
is my birthday gift from Jolly Hockeysticks Jo.
She is giving me a yummy hour or so at a spa.
I'm going to enjoy a massage and a manicure.
This time the manicure will be much more successful than
my last distracted and rushed effort.
That and I won't have to put pantyhose on 30minutes afterwards.

Even better is Jo is going join me.
Girlfriend time, yay!

And today the Helping Hands project has almost come together.
I think maybe I have too many jobs.
Helping Hands is what the Church calls our service projects
when they are coordinated and organsied by someone like me.
Someone like me being a Public Affairs Director.

Last year we made over an entire Health Camp

25th Feb is New Zealand's Helping Hands day.
The problem I've had is in Christchurch
there is so much demolition going on that there is't too much to fix up.
There are really only llittle two or three people gardening type projects.

But through connections
I've stumbled upon a project set for the same day
and is organised by someone else.
Now all we have to do is confirm it all and
that will be one huge project off my plate
and I can relax into my three day course.

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