Monday, February 13, 2012


Last Friday night....
I went to a dinner hosted by Global Women.

It took some figuring out how I got invited.
First there was my friend who had two strong connections
to Global Women....
but it wasn't her.

Then I thought it might be through
a women's group I belong to
(not one of those retro 70s women's groups)
but nope not through them.

Then on Friday I got an email,
not long before I left for the dinner in fact
and it turns out I was invited because the
Global Women organisers emailed
a women I know
so they could invite some rural women.
I love being a token.

I am a member of Rural Women's Network.
(seriously I am)
But the connection was through Federated Farmers.

Anyway the dinner was really enjoyable.
There were a few women I knew there.
Nicky and Rahui,
Dessie and Ruth.

The keynote speaker was a woman called
Sasha McMeeking.
The theme was Earthquake Recovery.
I feel like the whole of Canterbury is in some 12 step programme
for earthquake addiction and we have to talk out.

Sasha talked about rebuilding Christchurch
and property rights.
To say she is a little left leaning is like saying the
Tower of Pisa is level.
She was an eloquent speaker.

But I think the most memorable speaker was
Clemency who was trapped in the CTV building
as it collapsed and burned around her.
She broken her back and was trapped for 40 minutes.
40 flipping long minutes I would think.

Clemency's message was to seize the day.
She is a young woman who had a hideous experience.
She took that and realised her dream of
owning a beauty spa.

Her only rule is no talking about earthquakes.
Which makes sense cause imagine lying there,
having a relaxing massage
complaining about how long Fletchers are taking to repair your house
when Clemency casually mentions
she was trapped in the CTV building.
Oh the slap down!

There is a small amount of competition
in the sharing earthquake stories.

I came away from a super empowering women's dinner
with women who have achieved incredible things
and are world renowned.
Amazing women and the
thing I came away with was that I missed

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