Friday, February 3, 2012

Its been a long while

Actually it's not been that long since I've blogged,

but I assure you I have beaten myself up most days
especially when you meet a really successful blogger
who post like 10 times a day.

He also gets moneys for doing he specialised thing
and that's not my gig.

I've been busy is my excuse.
My problem is I have been so busy
I'm struggling to remember what's been happening.
So let's work backwards.

Last night I attended the opening of the new BNZ Business Hub.
Their building is being demo'd in the CBD
so they built a new one near the airport
(aka solid ground)
The Hub has very groovy meetings rooms
in which their customers can use to meet their customers.
It's Koru Lounge but quiet and anyone can come in.
And fewer famous people.

I went because I was curious but also because
 my friend Sue Lindsay was the speaker.

This is peekaboo Sue!
I've not heard Sue speak professionally before.
She runs these amazing courses for BNZ
called Women in Business and 
that change people's lives.
(working on the theory that women pass their
education on to their families there).

Sue was fab and in the middle of the second speaker
bank girl Sonia did a face plant faint with perfect timing
so everyone could break and get another drink.
And there were gifts.
I am easy bought.

Last weekend I spent two nights with
these little monkeys.
Nonoa grandkids (playing their Poppa's guitar).
Sienna leading the singing,
Khaleo getting his wee hand in there
and Piripi trying to figure out whats going on.
In fact I believe Sienna was singing Marvin Gaye's
classic of the same name.

Unlike Houston (Khaleo's mum) they sang and played for us.
Houston apparently has the voice of an angel
but I've yet to hear it.

Kayekaye, bless her, grandmother of these ones,
made birthday fry bread.
And I know you think you know what fry bread but you don't.
Unless you have tasted Kayekayes you have no idea
how heavenly wonderful it is.
Pretty much it's based on the original recipe for Manna.

Joining me in my fry bread pig fest was Nga-ire and Dae
and an assortment of Nonoas.

I love staying with the Nonoas,
which is a little naughty of me cause my dad lives across the river.
(No I was not brought up Catholic)
I love staying with the Nonoas because
Kayekaye is so wise.
We only ever get to snatch time for conversation
but it's always insightful and
I feel at peace after my time with Kayekaye.

I am reminded of the good things in life when
I spend time with the multitudes of Nonoas.
The most important things in life are
 family, faith and fun.
 Love it.
Love them.

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