Wednesday, April 4, 2012

not my usual day

Yesterday I flew to Hawkes Bay.

Ah the Hawkes Bay,
beautiful Hawkes Bay.
Ah not so much last night.
Squally rain, heavy rain, torrential rain.

But our Rural Business Network meeting went well.
Take a look at this site OBO very cool.

Then this morning, extremely early,
while it was still dark and still rainy.
I got on yet another plane this time to Auckland.

Ah Auckland the land where summer made a late appearance.
And the land where TV studios are.

I parked at TVNZ to be interviewed on Straight Talk
on channel Country 99 by Karen McCarthy.
Yup it was the Green Room, hair and make up, microphone up your shirt,
bright lights and ackshun!
Good thing there was hair and make up
cause I got dressed in the dark
but had an interesting conversation about
not washing your hair very often.
Since I cut mine off I only wash it once a week,

It was really fun sitting there having a yarn about ag careers
and farm ownership and adverse weather
with Karen and fellow guest
Phil Journeaux newly of AgFirst Farm Consultants,
recently of MAF.
Phil and I have a million people in common so we chatted away.
Plus the 1 degree of locational separation worked for us all.
Phil lives in Hamilton and Karen and I went to school there.

And Karen lived in Leeston when she had her first reporter job.
Such a small world.

Anyway next week when the interview is online I'll post the link
and you can see me in all my walking, talking glory.

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