Monday, April 2, 2012

Young Farmers

rocking the A&P Show,

as per usual.
It's pretty fearce competition at the old A&P Shows
among the Young Farmers
when there is Regional Competitions up for grabs.

Reuben being very serious about the sheep judging.
He won so it was worth it.

I like that the boys dressed appropriately for the judging.
There are rules about this.
Stock judging is very serious stuff.

This girl was there for the breed showing.
She's way too good to be thrown into the stock judging.

The showing people are very into winning
mostly because it helps their stud business.
The more red ribbions they win the better it looks for the quality of their stock.
I bet this is the only thing this farmer scrubs down.
She sat in her poop.
That's what cows do really.
She gave him a kick for his troubles.
Some people paint their animals up,
this usually is rubbing off by the end of the day
and the animals look like some kid has drawn outside of the lines.

Huge bulls, huge.
They can be a bit nudgy as they walk.

Then theres the fencing comp.
That's building a fence.
I've never seen a fencing fight in my life but
I have seen plenty of fencing competitions.
This one is the Tasman Region comp
and the winning pair goes to the National Final.
It's all on in the sun.
Ok I admit I know not much about fencing
but I bet I know more than you do
but maybe not as much as Charlotte does.

Charlotte and Nigel the judge and Prez of FCANZ
had a bit of a chat about the criteria for judging the lines.

They talked about this

and this

  and knots
 and gates

I know you are probably kicking yourself for missing this
two hour fencing competition
but don't worry we have eight of them a year
all around the country.
Next one is the National Final at Invermay near Dunedin
on Thursday May 24th.
Let me know if you want to join us.

The judges moved in.
Dave, in the black there was the organiser of this comp.
Nigel in the blue runs all of the comps
from afar usually cause he is always off putting really hard fences up
in random places with no cellphone coverage.

Then the winners and organisers get to go in the
Grand Parade around the arena.
Lisa, Reuben, Sarah and Lucy carried the flag for Young Farmers.
Ripper day it was.

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