Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oxford A&P

On Saturday I meandered along to the Oxford A&P Show.

It was a bit of an epic drive
cause I did my usual thing of leaving without looking at a map
then realising there must be a quicker way.
There was.
Mags came along to sit in the ute for most of the day.
I met up with Charlotte and had a delightfully, relaxing day walking
around and round the Show.

What's an A&P Show? I hear you ask.
Why its the local Agricultural and Pastoral show
when the rural community comes together
to see men dressed in skirts
and kids in hats

show off their wares, sand gardens, floral displays,
hand crafts, stock, fleeces and skills.
 Oh and all the key ingredients for any Show are things like these.

Heaven knows how kids can ride those things at 10am in the morning.
Me, my breakfast would be all over the crowd.
They had organsied special tractor parking.
I bet the guy with the blue tractor was relieved when he parked up.
His will be easy to spot when he comes back,
too bad for the other guys with the red tractors.
Actually funny story,
Charlotte and I got sconed with a handful of lollies
while we were having a sit down in the shade of a portable drafting gate.
The flipping lollie scramble guys drove past and
randomly threw a handful of hard lollies at us.
A candy drive by it was.

Clown shows.
Even better not scary clowns,
nice mummy and daughter clowns who give things away.
Remember these clowns.
They are cool clowns, fun clowns and
the carnie lady barking out calling over the wee kiddies.
She was little scary in a pedophile in a park kind of way
luring little kiddies over to her to play her games.
Why are carnie people scary?
Must be that old transient, temporary people thing.
Maybe they need a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding programme.
Doubt they'd go for massive wedding dresses though.
Bet people check their wells after the carnies have been through.

The mandatory Highland Pipe Band
who, lovely Charlotte reckoned only knew one tune.
This is entirely possible
though I wouldn't argue the point with that wee woman in the front there.
Doesn't she look like a Mike Myers character?

The fundraising Lions full fat, fried food cart
with old men who are on a customer service lark for the day.
Making money to give back to their community.

Charlotte, who is based in Christchurch while on her senior mission
was a bit sus about eating a sausage
(it's a Grapes of Wrath thing,
I wonder if the sausage industry can post humerously sue Steinbeck
like the US cattle industry sued Oprah?).
We got really meaty snags from the
Oxford Rugby Club BBQ with coleslaw and fried onions
all on fresh white bread,
just as sausages at Shows need to be -
greasy, piping hot and scoffable.

I caught up with Charlotte at the wood chopping competitions.
Perfect place to have as a meeting point.
Plenty of action, heat after to heat of choppingness.
The old guys had the upper hand.
Like most things, it's all about the forward planning
rather than the force fo the chop.

Shearing is another prefect meeting place.
By the middle of the day it's a tad hot
and the shearing competition at Oxford is in a shady shed with seating.
Plus this guy has quite nice arms for an old fulla.
Viewing bonus.
This was the last shearing comp before the season ended.
The end of the season just means all the young guys are off overseas.
NZ shearers go all over the world and dazzle the locals with their quick, speedy,
thoroughly efficiently wool removal.

I love shearing, watching that is.
I love the smell of wool.
I love sheepies,
not so much nudie sheepies though.
Woolly ones are the best.
Charlotte and I covered off quite a few topic areas of our lives
in that shed watching the rousies and shearers.

And whats an A&P Show without Young Farmers?
Nothing, I tell you nothing.

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