Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm not actually subversive,

but like an algal bloom
given the right environmental conditions
I spread, turn neon bright and blossom.

Having spent the weekend talking about political things,
not political philisophy as I would prefer
but plotting, which has it's own merits,
I feel inclined to reflect on,
maybe critique,
the lack of philsophical values so aptly displayed
by some over the weekend.

I'll say it straight,
 conservatives are the modern Pharisees.
Just putting it out there
but will explain.

The Pharisees were and always have been a sect of authority,
not of power.
They normalised whatever the ones in power dictated.
Never deviating from the party line.
They move from value to value,
adopting the ethics of those who lead.
They don't rock the boat
and move en masse grazing on what is most popular,
seldom raising their heads to see which direction they are being led.

In New Zealand the conservatives are currently in power.
And it's Pharisee style is best seen amongst the Party faithful.
They are just happy the Party they support is governing the country,
never mind that their 'right wing' Party is actually dead center,
if not left of centre.

But they don't know this
because one of the important things Pharisees need
is to blythly walk the path of rightousness.

So one of the projects I have on the go
is just having a wee think about what this means
for conservatives.
And how I can use this.

Anything is possible.

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