Sunday, April 22, 2012


Last week I was in Wellington speaking to the Animal Health Board board.

I know too many boards.
Their Board is made up of reps from around the country,
all farmers,
all passionate about getting rid of Bovine Tuberculosis.
They remember the old days when farmers were wiped out by TB.
Well the animals were wiped out
either by the disease or when they had to be killed
then the farmer was wiped out
with no stock.

Bovine TB is a big deal and
how the AHB deals with eradicating TB is also a big deal.
Nasty possums carry TB and 'kiss' cattle and
transfer TB to cattle.

To be fair to the possums
the dumb catlle also lick the dead possums
and catch it that way.

But to my point,
TBfree New Zealand have a youtube channel
Before you go there though,
if you are eating dinner
(shame on you for not focusing on what you are eating)
or if you have a squeamish tummy
you may not want to look at all the videos
but it is really interesting viewing.

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