Tuesday, May 8, 2012

on the road

Well in the air cause Palmerston North is far, far away and
over the sea from Leeston.
That's the plane I took.
Not a very big plane I know,
it does the trick though.

It's really early in the morning
and I'm in a motel in Palmerston North.
I spend so much time in or around Palmerston North
I should just move here.
Except I can't because that would be insane
because I can't quite figure out why people want to live
in or around Palmerston North
other than they own farms.

I'm in or around Palmerston North
this time because last night was the
Rural Business Network meeting for the Manawatu Hub.

I'm not entirely sure what makes the RBN totally work
but there is a synergy there that is a little magic.

Getting people together,
espcially farmers and then getting them to interact,
to include others,
to connect and share experiences is never easy.
To have meetings that mean something to every one attending
is something special
and we seem to be able to do it.

Last night we asked Tom Phillips of
one of not many rural New Zealand focused blogs
to explain himself.
Tom is really great.
He spent eons living overseas and has now returned to old NZed
to work for the Centre for Excellence (in Farm Management)
at Massey University.
Tom spends a fair bit of time talking up the whole social media thing,
but from a what it can do for you farmer person perspective.

We also had our own Simon Hunt of Hildale Farms
who tweets and had him explain why he does so.
Also Stacey Cottril of BLACK SHEEP DESIGN
(had to put that in caps cause I accidentally called Stacey's design company Black Dog.
Stacey mentioned that I had done this, rightly so and commented that I needed
a communications agency to help. 
And yes I do. 
But if you were in the comms business would you not jump on the opportunity
to give that a nudge with an offer of help, paid help
or a plan and proposal?
It is just me that sees an opportunity here???
This is a very long bracketted sentence.
Yet another example of my amateur commincations skills)
Stacey gave us a brush up on what different social media do.
Richard Morrison recently sert up an intranet for his farming business
so discussed the hows and whys of doing that.
A good interactive evening for all that attended.

I do have to say how much I like getting picked up
and driven places.
Totally love it when I need to go to places that are up the back of beyond
that I've never been too.
Like the very lovely Orlando Country.
Spudnik picked me up and
we headed over to Feilding to pick up Gazzarama.
Spud and Gazza are both great guys
who are very generous with their time and talents
(that's a Mormon sentence if there ever was)
and nothing is too hard or too far away for them.
I love it that there are good, keen men like them
out there in the wilds being generous, thoughtful and kind.

I'm off to the Wellington now for the PICA launch tonight.
Must remember to shave my legs.

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