Friday, May 11, 2012


Ok I know that PICA doesn't sound exciting but it is, really.

We, being me and the boss headed to Wellington
for the PICA launch we had organised
at the very nice and very helpful Wellington Club.
I think some people came just because the launch was held there.

Other exciting thing was Nessie came up from
Central Otago for the night to speak at the launch.
Nessie and I would have had a bit of a girls night after the launch
cause we were staying together at my favourite Wellington Hotel
the Quest Hunter Street but we needed to do other stuff.
By the by, the Quest has the best showers,
that are so forceful they cause a howling gale in the shower stall.

The view from the 8th floor of the Quest.

So back to PICA.
PICA is the Primary Industry Capability Alliance.
There's us, Young Farmers, Federated Farmers, AgITO,
Beef+LambNZ, DairyNZ, MAF which is now MPI
We all get around a table and have yarn about how to create
a strong, agreeable human capability strategy for the entire pastoral sector.
That's the cows, cattle and sheep part of the industry.

It's been tried before but we are determined
to cooperate and collaborate.

This what happens when you copy photos from the internet, fuzzy as bro.
Left is the boss, Richard Fitzgerald, MP Nathan Guy,
Minister for Primary Industries David Carter and
the MC, DairyNZ Board member and ex Young Farmers President Ben Allomes.
You can tell Ben is DairyNZ by his tie.
Remember that, it will hold you in good steed for the future.

The Minister opened the launch or launched the launch
and gave us a great, supportive speech.
Ben as MC was funny and smart.
Richard as Chair of PICA was enlightening.

We had the whose who of Wellington agricultural industry.
It was all on that night.
Nessie spoke brilliantly as someone who is following
the PICA ag based career pathway.
She compared it to wanting to be a professional rugby player.
You don't just rock up to All Black training in your 20s.
You spend all your schooling and training working towards
the goal of being an elite, well trained, competant player.
Same for the ag industry.
Farming is a serious business
and we need serious, smart people to grow our food.
It's kind of important.

Then when it was all over,
Nessie, Ben, Massicks, me and Rosie* met up
for pizza and a debrief.
Cause that's how we roll in NZYF.
Check, check.

*Rosie had been in the Hawkes Bay at Brownriggs organising the Get Ahead Careers Day - all about ag careers in NZ.

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