Friday, August 24, 2012

Social Media for Farmers

I will, I will, I will

drag rural New Zealand into the modern age of
communication, connection and community

That's this year's motto.
So with luck and a spot of well connectedness
myself and Hannah from Federated Farmers
have organised the

We have created a programme that introduces
what social media is,
how the rural world is using it,
how rural New Zealand are trying to use it,
how our universities have used it,
and how @NZCOWS is using it.

@NZCOWS is Colin Grainger-Allen
a dairy farmer from the Rotorua area
uses twitter for a million things
not in the least to find staff and to share his farm experiences with the world.
Considering twitter is still new to NZ
having more than 1000 followers is stellar.

The Social Media for Farmers Forum
is sold out and the seats are filled with
organisations and a couple of individuals.

But there will be more of these forums.
I promise.

By the way,  I am super pleased with
my design concept for the invitation above.

Hat tip to the very helpful #AgChatOZ guys.
Take a look at the links over here

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  1. I just saw this post. How did the event go? If you ever need help or want to toss ideas around let me know. It is fun reading your posts since you are on opposite seasons as us. :) PS thanks for linking to my farm blog. "See" you around the Twitter-verse