Thursday, August 23, 2012

SOS Dairy UK

We interrupt our regular broadcasting with a wee story about SOS Dairy.

SOS Dairy came about because in many countries
dairy farmers are hardly making a living
on what they are paid for their produce aka milk.

Farmers in Britain and Australia
are facing this problem.

Consumers are wanting cheaper milk,
and rightly so when in many countries
the price of coke is less than the price of milk.

However the people who get squeezed are the farmers.
The supermarkets,
worldwide the huge chains of  supermarkets
are dictating the price they buy milk at
and then setting price they sell the milk at.

British dairy farmers decided to do something about this
they were having to get out of farming.
That means not farming
and no farms. 

So who then grows our food?

To see how successful the British farmers were go to
or follow #sosdairy on twitter

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