Monday, October 22, 2012

In Tonga

Sesi had been on about us going to her home in Tonga

for the longest time.
At first we were going with her family,
then just SaraMegan with us so she could meet her family,
but in the end it was just a girl's week in the sun.

Leaving at 620am is never a good time for a flight but
as Tonga is in the same time zone as New Zealand
it meant we arrived at 930am
going straight to the beach.

We stayed the first two nights at Keleti Beach Resort
in our wee fale named after the kids in the family who own the place.

It was mostly just me and Sesi there,
as its the end of the tourist season,
the whales have passed by on their way to whereever they go and
it's starting to get really hot.

But first thing was to have a nap.
Besides being Kiwi's going to the beach early in the morning
is a foreign concept.
Our sea is so cold that being near it too early gives you cold goosey bumps.
Not so in Tonga.

After our nap we wandered down to the beach.
A wee cove sheltered by a small cliff and a reef,
a perfect wee place for a first afternoon easing into a holiday.

The reef stopped the huge brakers smashing in on the swimmers.
You can see these weird rock formations as you fly in.
A long line of what looks like large lilypad shaped rocks that are just a few metres off the beach.

It was Saturday afternoon by the time Sesi and I had napped, talked and talked
then dragged our tired selves to the beach.
Once there, there was only us and a group of young Tongans
enjoying a picnic in the sun and playing in the water.
Sesi and I had forgotten one key item for the day
and that was food.
I mean we had a tonne of chocolate as gifts but no actual food.
The kids were eating sugar cane,
like from the actual sugar cane cane.
Chopping off bits and munching on it until all the sweet sugary juice was gone.
As they left Sesi did the Tongan thing of asking if they had any to share,
they didn't but instead they offered us some chicken which was very welcome.

To be fair, Keleti Beach Resort has a restaurant.
We were just too lazy to walk back up to go to it.

The guys at Keleti Beach Resort took great care of us.
Including taking us shopping at roadside stalls for coconuts and
helpful things like cracking open the coconuts for us to drink and eat.

Delicous food, watching the sunset at a seaside table, relaxed conversation, lots of fun and teasing.
Plus lovely Titree the guard dog joined us.

Not bad for a first day on Tonga.

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