Thursday, October 11, 2012


This is my year of living tropical.

I didn't start this year thinking
"this year I'll visit a few tropical islands"
actually I started this year not thinking about going anywhere much.

Tomorrow I set out for a week in Tonga
with my friend Sesilia.
We are going to visit Sesilia's mother.
At least I think that's what we are doing.
All I know is I have a flight to Hamilton tomorrow afternoon,
 then to Tonga Saturday morning
and then a flight to Vava'u on Monday morning,
and that's about it.

Oh and I have to visit Lucy Kolo's brother
to see her soon to be whangai'd niece,
take some photos and bring them home to Lucy
as she waits for her new daughter.

I'm pretty sure we have no where to stay in Nuku'alofa
for the first two nights but we will sort it out.
I'm on mental overload and worrying about one more thing will tip me 
over the edge like
Jessie seeing a gay man on a horse.
Ah the irony of Jessie meaning big girl's blouse in Scots slang!

Before I leave tomorrow afternoon
I have a specialist appointment.
I have a couple (?) of  spurs on my C6 vertebra.
They are getting on my nerves,
pinching them actually.
I have a wee problem with no disc and
a pinched nerve in my neck, through my shoulder and ending in my hand.
That makes my hand spasm between my thumb and forefinger.

I guess I'll look like an over tired, nervy tourist for the next week,
shoes optional.

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