Monday, November 19, 2012

Canterbury A&P Show 2012

Ok I admit I spent the whole day at the Canterbury A&P Show calling it

a Royal Show and it wasn't.
That's awkward when you've used that hashtag on instagram.

I forget about the transferability of the Royal Show title.

Anyway it was the 150th Canterbury A&P Show this year,
so I decided to bestow my presence on it.
Mine and Jolly Hockeysticks Jo's.

JHJ came down from Wellington for the occasion
after I whined that I have never been to the Show
because everyone I know is busy doing things there,
like showing their animals and
I don't have anyone to hang out with.
Oh the tragedy of me missing out on the A&P Show.
(I missed out on the Ellesmere A&P Show cause I was in Tonga
but it got rained out big time so I would have stayed in bed anyway).

JHJ and I charmed our way into the members tent for
a wee sit down and a bevy at the end of the day,
hence the lovely red sash on the table.
Not all tables at the Show are equal.
In fact I'm not sure there were any tables other than in the member's tent.
To be fair security was a Lions volunteer.
Plus I used my 'connections' to get in and  the challenge was minimal.
My 'connnections' seemed to think this was some sort feat.
Little do they know I can charm my way into anything.

So this year there were more stock entries than usual.
This allowed me to indulge my self indulgent affection of Romney sheep.

Ignore that grumpy sheep man in the background.
He was probably worried I was rustling his bebes.
That's a big issue in our rural sector.
Seriously, every year there are cars found stuffed to the gills with sheep
cause some hungry bogan decided to grab a few on his way past.

These are the same two sheep.
Let's face it sheep pretty much look the same.
Be honest, you wouldn't have known the difference if I hadn't told you.
Only those of us who spend great amounts of time with them
can tell the difference.
Very cute though, don't cha think?
Good we can move on to my second favourite breed.

This boy is the Champion Poll Merino Ram (medium).
I did start looking up who owned him but the list was epic
and I only made it through  to the Saddle Hunters (not sheep) before I gave up.
He was just hanging out at the Show,
kind like I was but he was being judged and I wasn't.
At least as far as I know.

Just resting his head,
getting lots of lovely nose rubs on his velvety muzzle.
His grumpy, head butting neighbour was in a foul mood and
just tried to smash any hand that came his way.
Bet that gave the farmers a bunch to laugh about.
Poll means no horns by the way.

Sheep are my favourite animal.
What other animal can get so cute and so useful?
All I can say is yum!

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  1. I LOVE sheep! I've always wanted cows, chickens, goats and sheep! I should have been a farmer's wife! LOL