Tuesday, December 18, 2012

break brake

I heard the other day that
here in Central Canterbury
we are running out of adrenaline.
Rather we have been existing on earthquake adrenaline
and is finally running out.

I'm sure we have other kinds of adrenaline going on.

It's lasted two years so
that's not a bad run.

For those of you new to reading my blog,
those of us in the Christchurch area
have endured 11,000 and something earthquakes
since a whopping big 7.1 at 4.35am on Sept 4th 2010.

Of course some of the earthquakes are littleish and
since we have had so many we have become immune
from feeling them.
Most of the time.

The thing about our earthquakes,
yes we are possessive of them,
is that they are shallow.

When you hear of earthquakes in New Zealand
most of them are deep,
like 100kms deep.
Ours have averaging about 5kms deep.

Anyway this is very long winded way of saying
I am freaking tired.
So instead of blogging I've been sleeping.
A lot.
Unnaturally a lot.
I blame the adrenaline pendulum,
it's swung too far to the exhausted and got stuck.

But I think I'm back now.
It's summer (most days) so I'm back.

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