Thursday, December 20, 2012

Awesome Young Farmers

New Zealand Young Farmers is a social network,
with some bite.

We are a lot more than just a bunch of farmers in a pub,
that is the most common place to find a Young Farmer.
Our purpose is to grow leaders.
Preferably rural leaders.

So along come helpful people
who are all working towards the same greater goal
as we are.
To strengthen our rural communities,
build our rural industries,
and make our country a better place.

Some of those helpful people are
NZX Agri
who publish our Young Country magazine.
(Jan/Feb just came out today).
Jackie at Young Country has partnered with RuralTV
who are interviewing those who feature in the magazine.

Pete Fitz-Herbert is a great guy with a keen sense of humour
and an even keener sense of adventure.
Pete is chair of our Marton Club and
is good at making the most of his opportunities that come his way.
In this interview you can see his enthusiasm for life
and it's exactly as he is in true life.

Talking about opportunities...
today I had a turn at sharing what I consider to be
"The Best Song Ever Written" on
National Radio on Afternoons with Jim Mora.
My preferred radio listening in the afternoon,
mostly when I'm driving.

It's fun little interview.
A bit about me,
a bit about my Christmas lunch,
a bit about Young Farmers
and then my "Best Song Ever Written"
The cool thing is that you too can chat with Jim

 about your "Best Song Ever Written"
by emailing them at

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