Sunday, January 6, 2013


It's a new year, another year.
I like this concept that we leave behind 
all that has gone on last year
and start a fresh,
keeping that which we want.

Renewal is important,
keeping us hopeful and replenished.

Everyone I know seems really hopeful for 2013.

I, for one already have a good idea of what 
the first few months of 2013 hold
and it's all good and 
it's going to be hard work,
and it's going to be good.
Actually it's going to be great.

In less than two weeks
 I start 
Kellogg Rural Leaders course.
Excited much?  
Hell yeah!

20 young leaders working and living in the rural sector
building on our leadership skills and experiences
in a year long professional course
held at my favourite university,
Lincoln University.
Yeah just down the road.
Summer on campus is blissfully tranquil.
Look for lots of peaceful, beautiful, idyllic photos coming up.

I already know a few people on the course.
My two favourite ANZ Young Farmer Contest winners,
plus a couple of people I have been long keen to work with.

We start on the 16th of January for a ten day
residential course focusing on learning more about our industry,
about the existing industry leaders and their styles and achievements,
plus we firm up, and in my case finialise our research topic.

Guess what mine is?
Anyone? Anyone?

Farmers and social media; 
Communication, Connection and Communities
I know,
 totally left field, right?

Thanks, with much thanks to OneFarm 
who are kindly funding my project
and hopefully thanks to some commercial sponsors too.
The plan is to educate NZ farmers on how to use twitter
and set up the AgChatNZ Foundation
and, and, and heaps of things.

I love working in the rural sector!
People are incredibly generous and helpful.

I am blessed.

Kellogg Rural Leaders 2013 meet again in November 
to wrap up the course with a few days at Lincoln Uni,
then on to Wellington the seat of NZ's political power
and with the exception of Fonterra,
the rural industry too.  
Except for those companies whose HQs are based in places
like Feilding, Christchurch, Dunedin and of course Methven,
not to mention all those farms around the place.

2013 is going to rock!

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