Sunday, January 27, 2013

Almost at the end

of Kellogg Rural Leaders course.

Yesterday we all completed 
what seemed a huge hurdle at the start of the week,
our small group work project.

We started out innocently identifying
some of the most important issues in the rural sector
and something else.
Serves us right for trying to be so smart.

Once the issues were sorted
we were numbered into groups.
Given 5 days but very little time
in a schedule that starts at 830am and finishes at 9pm.

But we survived.
Only to be blindsided by a new assignment.
Such fun!

This one was to be part of a commission hearing on
a moratorium on dairying in New Zealand.

The groups were Fed Farmers,
environmentalists, Treasury and us, the Press.

Being the Press was fun.
I enjoyed coming up with totally left field questions.
Our team had the best time doing it too.
Two nights before as we were out on the town,
some of hit the tiles in a non-dancing way more than others,
we stole photos of the different groups talking to each other
and made gross and assumed assumptions (haha)
about this environmentalist talking to that Fed Farmer rep.

Our last morning on Kellogg Rural Leaders, stage one
was spent being half serious about swiping each other's arguments.

Our last hour was sharing what our learning was during the 10 days
of voluntary Kellogg imprisonment
(I think my partner felt it was more than I).

What I've learnt over the last 10 days is
that it is not enough for me to strive in areas I am relatively comfortable in.
I need to get my butt out on the edge and scare and impress myself.
I need to push myself harder.
I need to be more self aware of how others see me,
not how I see myself,
assuming of course that others see me as way more competent that I do.

Was 10 days of being challenged by Patrick and Tony
at Kellogg Rural Leaders worth it?
Hell yes.

Would I do it again?
Yes but not this week...
I need a break from being mentally stimulated and thinking so much.
Good thing the Boss doesn't read my blog!

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