Thursday, February 21, 2013

life and so on

It happens,
life happens and 
before you know it 
your blog has languished for almost a month.  

I knew this year would be busy 
and as disciplined as I am
in getting things done
over the last month everything has fallen by the way side.

And I mean everything.
As per usual I have good reason.
More than one,
but one very main one.

Last October I met a wonderful man, 
well at the time I thought he was quite noice,
he has since become wonderful.

Last week on Valentine's Day and
then again on Saturday
he proposed marriage to me,
which I found agreeable 
and thus we find ourselves engaged to be married.

We already knew we were going to marry,
its one of those destiny,
feels right and totally fits things,
but you have to make these game changing things formal and official. 
Otherwise how do you do things like set dates and
notify the world via Facebook
(I am blessed to have only one cousin on Facebook
so family were told at leisure, 
the rest of the world somewhat more hastily). 

I do like lines in the sand.

We are to marry in a months time.

Yeah I know.

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  1. I know I don't comment often, but WOW - congratulations! I too found my man of destiny and we were engaged within a few short months. When you know, you know. Very best wishes for the impending nuptiuals.