Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grand Final 2013 - getting there

It's Grand Final time again.
It was Grand Final time,
last week,
which seems about five minutes ago.

My fulla and I headed off on a sunny Friday morning
from Christchurch to Picton.
The weather was fine and we made good time.
We got to Blenheim (the town before the Picton harbour)
and discovered my work credit card wouldn't work.
No worries.

This was followed closely by a txt from the 
Interislander Ferry people 
letting us know that our ferry was delayed due to extreme weather.

Long story short.
Our 6:30pm sailing finally left at 10:30am the next morning.

We took a wander around Picton.
You sure can't mistake the toilets in Picton.

For some reason I posted on Facebook
that we were delayed and voila!
We got a phone call from lovely Claude to say 
come and stay with her family. 
Being polite and naive we really believed we would be sailing soon.
Gosh the ferry people said we would.
We had a 1:30am, 6:25am and finally a 10:30am sailing.
Our hosts thought we were a hoot.
They knew better.
They use the ferries all the time.

We set out early to make sure we were at the front of the car queue.
So that meant breakfast on the road.
Chicken sandwiches.
I love rotisserie chickens.

While waiting in line,
my fulla bumped into his mate from home.
They hadn't seen each other for about five years so 
a catch up was in order.
Culturally this requires sharing food.
Thank goodness for a handy dandy fruit loaf on hand.

We set out on peaceful seas.
Through the Marlborough Sounds and out into 
Cook Strait.
I now hate Cook Strait.
For goodness sake, I have traveling on these ferries
since I was a baby.
My Poppa would take me and Punky Pete across
in the highest of seas and let us run wild
while he propped up the bar and
yarned with his old railways mates.

This was the day I was introduced to sea sickness.
I puked.
I never puke.
My fulla took his sweet time to get a sick bag for me
but I held on,
then I puked and felt so much better.

we stayed with my super uncle for the night
then headed off to Auckland.
We got a flat tire on the very heavy trailer.
Thank goodness for my fulla cause
in  all seriousness I would have sat down and 
cried if I had been alone.
I couldn't even figure out how the jack worked.
And it was already dusk.
And I was super tired.
But my husband saved the day.

We hadn't even got near Auckland.

It was already a long week.

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