Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Webinars and other scary things

I lie,
webinars are scary enough
without adding in any other scary things to this post.
My Kellogg Rural Leader project is
Farmers and Social Media: Communication, Connection, Community.
OneFarm which is the Lincoln/Massey University's
Partnership For Excellence
has been supporting me in completing my project goal of
getting more NZ farmers using social media.
So last week my Fulla and I travelled to Palmerston North
so I could film my webinar that has a basic overview
of social media.
Here's the thing,
if you don't see the point in using social media
don't worry about it.
Social media, be it facebook, twitter, instagram etc
has an audience of ardent and dedicated followers
so if you aren't interested it's all good.
Having said that if you haven't taken a look and has a try
how do you know what you are missing?
In preparing I changed my mind a few times about what
I wanted to share.
I'm always so unsure of myself and my message
but I've learned to just agree to stuff and go along for the ride.
To date it's all been successful.
Filming was fine once I got over speaking to a camera.
Reviewing was hideous but
I think I did ok once I got over myself.
This morning I took a look and  aside from it being me,
I quite liked it.
I could have said more and probably less on some things too.
There I tweeted a photo of my webinar because I'm a social media guru.
Clearly my ability to take photos early in the morning are less than ideal.
Anyway if you are keen to learn a little more about social media,
because I know there are some people out there
operating under misguided understandings of the usefulness of social media
take a look here

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