Monday, September 9, 2013


So who knew being married
sucked up all your time?
We don't even have kids!
One husband and my life as I knew it has disappeared.
Fortuitously my fulla has headed back down South
to spend a few weeks revisiting his life as a commercial fisherman.
So now I have sometime on my hands,
in theory.
I'm one of those people who believe that life is one
big ball of wax.
That the lines between your real life identity and work identity
are somewhat blurred.
Well that has come to a screaming halt for me.
Now my work and my home life are almost never the twain shall meet.
This is causing some problems cause plenty of things
I got involved in extracurricularly
were reasonably related to my work
and still are.
Part of the reason is now I live in town,
technically a city but it's Hamilton
so as large as it gets it's never going to be a city.
The other part is that my husband is just so much more interesting
to me than things like my blog.
So with three weeks apart
I'm going to get back into the practice of blogging.
It's funny how nearly everything in our life
is so reliant on being a habit.
Good or bad,
 we have to work at making something part of our life.
At the moment I'm trying to remove the habit of eat processed sugar.
Yes that means chocolate,
which is not agreeing with me like it used to
so I'm trying to scrap that.
Emphasis on trying.
Anyway I will be making it a habit to blog
(and listening to 80s music at work,
and blogging the mystery that is my job,
and not eating process sugar,
and rural stuff)
P.S. Does any think it is ridiculous to add a salutation at the beginning of every single email in an ongoing exchange?  I mean when we are talking in person we don't say "hi" every time we start speaking.  Imagine that......
Hi Sara, could you pass me the salt please?
Hi Kama, sure thing.  Do you want the pepper too?
Hi Sara, yeah that would be great.  This is a really great meal.
Hi Kama, thanks babe, I tried a new recipe and this one has prunes in it.
Hi Sara, oh is that the interesting taste?!?
Hi Kama, yeah.  I thought you might need some help later on, you know with your tummy troubles.
Hi Sara, well that was thoughtful but I think prunes may be a step too far.
Hi Kama, the prunes or the loo?
Hi Sara, both.
*Please note this conversation is completely fictional and I would never sneak prunes into any one's meal unless they were under one year of age, nor would my husband and I discuss his toilet habits at the dinner table.

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