Wednesday, October 30, 2013


There is a supermarket in New Zealand
That I really don't like
and that is
I haven't liked since it began as a bargain shop type place.
I think cause it feels so impersonal and
makes shopping feel like a chore.
I have my wee weakness and that is collecting stamps
that add up to discounted kitchenware,
in the latest case cutlery.
Funny word cutlery or
as Americans would say silverware.
I do recall confused looks when I asked others to get the cutlery
whilst living in California.
I chalked it up to the fact American's speak American not English.
Please forgive the sidewayness of this image.
For the life of me I am unable to get it to rotate.
I don't think I have said how much I hate my work phone, have I?
Anyway in my desperation to buy flash as cutlery for a fraction of the price
I sent an email around my office mates
requesting/begging them to save their little Countdown stickers
so I can get a full set of cutlery.
I love the lines and shape of the pieces.
I like the slimness of neck and
roundness of the bowl of the spoons.
I like the way it sits in your hand and
has a weight that makes you feel like you are holding something
elegant and useful
(my favourite combination).
The designer is Ettore Sottsass
Sorry just having a moment to absolute immaturity.
Anyhoo Ettore Sottsass is quite the designer man
Wiki him here
Italian design can be so graceful and lean.
Take a look at my new cutlery here
So for every sheet of stickers I fill,
every 30 stickers I collect
I get one setting of cutlery for $5.99.
One setting of cutlery design nirvana.
I read that it valued at $60 per setting
but by my rudimentary calculations the online value for one setting
would be 99 euros which is $164 NZ dollars.
Now that's a bargain.
I am a happy person.
 If you send me your Countdown stickers,
I'll be even happier.
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